Yome alcohol fresh-keeping card
Longer shelf life, healthier & safer

Product Overview

The alcohol fresh-keeping card is made by using paper as the carrier, soaking and absorbing edible alcohol. Through the slow release of fresh-keeping gas, a certain concentration of gas-phase protection layer is formed around the food in the packaging. 

Because of its dual effects of contact sterilization and fumigating and sterilization, it can inhibit the multiplication of various moulds, bacteria and spoilage bacteria. By combing with free water in food, it also can reduce water activity, which is an important factor affecting the shelf life of food. So that good fresh-keeping effect of the fresh-keeping card is realized.

Yome fresh-keeping card can be customized according to the customers’needs

Type choosing:Choose the appropriate type in combination with  food category,moisture content, water activity, packaging size and other factors.

Type Packaging Size (cm) Carton Quantities
30cc 3*3 1000*20=20000
50cc 3.5*3.5 850*20=17000
100cc 4*4.2 750*16+12000

Advantages compared with Oxygen Absorbent

1.Using paper as a carrier, completely eliminates the risk of the powder leakage contamination to food. 

2.It is not only effective for inhibiting aerobic bacteria such as mould, but also anaerobic bacteria. 

3. The external controlled fresh-keeping agent only needs OPP, OPP/PE and other common packaging materials, which does not make the bag shrink , and can pass through metal detectors,  so it can reduce the use cost.

Disadvantages compared with the Oxygen Absorbent

1. The edible alcohol in the fresh-keeping card will release,which cause food to absorb alcohol and influence the flavour. 

2. If fresh-keeping card is used in oil rich food, the fresh-keeping effect will be reduced due to that the card surface may be wrapped in oil.

1, Using packaging material with good alcohol-resistant properties: OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, KNY/PE, OPP monomer, KOP/PE. Unsuitable packing materials: NY/PE, CPP monomer, PE monomer. 

2, The Alcohol Fresh-Keeping Card is volatile, once opening the packaging, try to keep the product in the state of accumulation, and use up within 15 minutes. If not used up, you should discharge the inside gas and seal the bag as soon as possible. 

3, The Alcohol Fresh-Keeping Card contains edible alcohol , which is absolutely forbidden to contact with the fire. It should be stored and used in the cool and ventilated place.