Fresh-keeping Agent (CO2 Absorber)
Longer shelf life, healthier & safer

Product Overview

Fresh cut fruits and vegetables products are easily prone to browning during processing and storage. Comprehensive technical measures such as cooling, moisture-controlling and Modified-Atmosphere can inhibit the physiological activity of fruits and vegetables,  reduce the metabolic level and the loss of disease, prolong the storage time, and keep its good quality.
Cooling is mainly solved by cold chain technology, moisture-controlling and Modified-Atmosphere can be solved by using external controlled fresh-keeping agent and other measures to achieve the purpose of fresh-keeping. For example, carbon dioxide may lead to anaerobic respiration and cause carbon dioxide damage for vegetables.

1g of Yome fresh-keeping agent could absorb about 200-240ml Co2
Yome fresh-keeping agent can be customized according to customers’ needs.

Type Packaging Size (cm) Carton Quantities
5g 6*8 5*600=300
10g 7*8 5*320=1600
20g 7*10 6*160=960
30g 8*11 5*120=600
40g 8.5*12 4*100=400
50g 9*12.8 4*100=400

The Fresh-Keeping Agent can absorb acid gas such as carbon dioxide, delay the anaerobic respiration of vegetables, avoid expanding bag and remove peculiar odor.

Garlic, Wasabi, pickled vegetables, arlic sprouts, burdock, yam, peeled potatoes, sliced potatoes, peeled carrots, peeled chestnuts, peeled lotus root, peeled onion, fresh red jujube, asparagus , leafy vegetables, and so on.