Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1) Q: can nine deoxidizer be used in vacuum packed products?
    A: yes. Vacuum packaging still has a small amount of oxygen residue (about 2%-5%
  • 2) Q: can nine U. S. deoxidizer be placed in a nitrogen packed product?
    A: yes. Because of the small amount of oxygen remaining in the nitrogen packed p
  • 3) Q: Swallow Deoxidizer on the body has no effect?
    A: the company deoxidizer after SGS toxicological detection, safe non-toxic, no
  • 4) Q: Swallow mineral / silica gel desiccant disposal instructions
    A: the company of mineral / silica gel desiccant through testing are safe and no
  • 5) Q: what is the difference between a deoxidizer and a desiccant?
    A: deoxidizer packaging in the adsorption of oxygen, prevent mold growth, preven
  • 6) Q: what should I do with the used deoxidizer?
    A: please throw in general garbage can be discarded, this product non-toxic harm
  • 7) Q: can the used deoxidizer be used two times?
    A: once the deoxidizer is used, it is invalid and must not be used again.
  • 8) Q: can the deoxidizer be heated in a microwave oven with the food?
    A: after the deoxidizer is heated, it may burst and catch fire. It must be taken